Monday, October 20, 2008


IdN v15n4: We Love Infographics p28-29

IdN v15n4: We Love Infographics p30-31

Lamosca (Spanish for “The Fly”) is a design studio from Barcelona in the form of a cooperative. It has been around in the industry for some 13 years and, after such a long time, it has naturally worked for many major clients and institutions.

Lamosca(西班牙語「飛蟲」之意)是一個來自巴賽隆納,採用合作形式運作的設計工作室。這個工作室在設計工業已經有約 13 年的歷史了,在業界打滾多年,Lamosca 很自然與很多大客戶和機構都合作過。

"When designing the 'Datas', our goal is to achieve a result that is more than the simple sum of its parts."


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