Tuesday, July 15, 2014

IdN v21n2: Minimalist Issue

IdN v21n2: Minimalist Issue
Is Less More?

Keeping things simple is never as simple as you think. As we all know from tidying our desks or emptying our closets, the hardest part is deciding what to throw away. Similarly, many rounds of reductions have to be gone through before a minimalist artist is happy with the end-result.


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Adbusters #114: Blueprint for a New World Part 3

Adbusters #114: Blueprint for a New World Part 3
Birth of the Corporate Charter Revocation Movement

With the Birth of the Corporate Charter Revocation Movement, we resist, rebuke and reverse the corporatization of everyday life, beginning with a crash course on the history of corporations. Adbusters #114 will help you remember America’s revolutionary roots, recalling a time when corporate capitalism was kept in line by the people… and remind you that it can and will happen again.


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

COLORS 89: Moving House

In the past quarter century, the world’s migration rate has doubled. Today, 232 million migrants live abroad, and 90 million more are currently packing their bags. COLORS 89 – Moving House follows their journeys.

While Spanish homeowners are setting up house on the streets after getting evicted from their homes, Chinese workers are moving into shipping containers in Shanghai. Indian temple devotees are sacrificing toy airplanes in return for a visa; halfway across the world, Mexican vacationists are voluntarily getting chased by fake US border patrol at a local tourist attraction. We’ve investigated people's motives to move, the borders they cross, the things they carry and the obstacles they surmount. Including a few tips on how to build a temporary shelter and a set of maps to put you on the right path, in case you are looking for one.


Thursday, May 22, 2014

IdN v21n1: Printed Effects Special

The Printed Matters

There are so many things that print can do that digital media can’t. Its tactile qualities, even the sound and smell of paper and ink, make printed matter unique and timeless. But whoever said that print and digital cannot co-exist? Most designers today work with both and prove that digital need not be its enemy but, rather, a collaborator.


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

COLORS 88: Protest

A Survival Guide

COLORS 88: Protest tells stories of how protests start, spread, triumph, are repressed and sometimes become revolutions. From South Korea's anti-uprising volunteer corps to female drivers in Saudi Arabia; from Mexico's labor rights superheroes to fully-armed guns rights demonstrators in the United States; from the pigs left to roam the main square of Nairobi, Kenya, to Palestinians dressing like blue aliens from Hollywood film Avatar, we've interviewed, photographed, and illustrated popular uprising across the world. Plus, Occupy, Tahir, FEMEN sextremists and a series of illustrated DIY protest techniques and strategies: how to use a mattress as a shield, chain yourself to a tree, and hold your breath until it’s all over.