Monday, October 20, 2008

IdN v15n4: We Love Infographics

Signs of the times
A lot of designers regard the practice of infographics as dull and boring – but this is almost certainly because they’ve never tried it. The 10 we spoke to, and whose work we’ve used to illustrate this feature, love what they do and believe it offers as big a challenge and as great a satisfaction as any other kind of design.

不少設計師都認為 Infographics 沉悶乏味, 那全因他們未嘗箇中樂趣。 本篇專題找來10個出色的設計單位 , 他們故然喜歡此類創作 , 更相信從中所獲得的重大挑戰 , 可媲美其他不同類型的設計。

Catalogtree / Dave Bowker / Nicholas Felton / Lamosca / Number 27 / Plusminus / Polar / SPVZ / Timm Kekeritz / Troikart

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