Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Niessen & de Vries

IdN v15n5: The Geometric Issue p74-75

IdN v15n5: The Geometric Issue p76-77

Niessen & de Vries is the name of a design studio founded by Dutch couple Richard Niessen and Esther de Vries in 2005. Before they worked as duo, they had worked together on various projects with a bunch of their friends who are also graphic designers.

Niessen & de Vries 是由一對荷蘭夫婦 Richard Niessen 和 Esther de Vries在 2005 年創辦的一個設計工作室。在他們拍檔之前,也曾與一班同爲平面設計師的朋友合作,進行過許多不同的設計創作。

“It's about the building bricks of our works – as long as they are simple and geometric, we can easily work with them."

"這與我們作品構建所用的磚塊有關 – 只要是簡單而又符合幾何,我們就可以輕鬆地將它們運用到工作之中。"

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