Saturday, October 18, 2008


IdN v15n4: We Love Infographics p24-25

Plusminus (±) is Peter Crnokrak, a one-man design studio based in London. He explains: “± is a statistical symbol that denotes the variation about a norm or average.

Plusminus (±)是 Peter Crnokrak 的個人設計工作室,位於倫敦。他解釋說:「± 是一個統計學符號,代表標準和平均水準的變化。

"My future plan is a name change for the studio. ± has worn thin for me and no longer accurately represents what I do or who I am. My future plans always involve change."

"我的未來計畫就是把工作室改名。± 這個名字對於我來說意義已經淡薄了,並不能繼續準確地代表我從事的工作或者我的身份狀態。我的未來計畫總是與變化有關。"

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