Monday, October 20, 2008

Timm Kekeritz

IdN v15n4: We Love Infographics p40-41

San Francisco-based interaction designer Timm Kekeritz, who was born and raised in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, decided to combine two elements that he found being constantly underestimated: infographics and the importance of water.

互動設計師 Timm Kekeritz 在德國 Schleswig-Holstein 出生和長大,現在居住在三藩市,他決定將資訊圖像和水的重要性這兩個元素結合起來–他覺得這兩個元素長期以來都被人們所低估。

“Some people underestimate the effort that goes into a good, easy-to-understand infographic.”


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