Saturday, January 31, 2009

Anxiety Room

12th February - 15th March 2009, Brooklyn

"Anxiety Room" is the name of an exhibition presented by Jon Burgerman & Jim Avignon at Factory Fresh, New York. Filled with drawings and paintings of their beloved characters, Anxiety Room will be a space to relieve your anxieties, or perhaps further incubate them.

Jon Burgerman & Jim Avignon 在Factory Fresh, New York舉辦了名為 “Anxiety Room” 的展覽, 展示了多個畫作以及他們最愛的卡通人物! 到Anxiety Room定能把你的不安消除 ◦

Fans of the the recent publication by Jon Burgerman and IdN? Anxiety Room should be for you...

如你是Jon Burgerman 新書的擁躉, 更絕不能錯過這展覽!

12th February, 2009

Factory Fresh
1053 Flushing Avenue
Brooklyn, New York

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