Sunday, February 1, 2009

CG Overdrive 2009

16th -19th June, 2009, Singapore Expo
六月十六至十九日, 新加坡展覽中心

CG Overdrive 2009 is an event for the artists, by the artists. CG professionals, enthusiasts, students, academics, producers and all CG stakeholders convene and connect at this annual event. The line-up of activities includes an exhibition, conference, professional tracks and networking events, as well as a host of festival activities such as recruitment zone, exhibitor workshops, film screenings, digital art gallery and concert.

CG Overdrive 2009 是一個為藝術家而設的活動 ◦ 一年一度的活動, 把CG專家, 愛好者, 學生, 教育界人士, 製作人等聯繫在一起 ◦ 當中包括一系的展覽, 會議, 專業示範和擴展網絡的機會, 同時亦有招聘區, 展覽工作坊, 電影搜畫, 數碼藝術展覽和音樂會等等 ◦

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