Saturday, January 31, 2009

FITC Toronto 2009

25-28th April, 2009, The Hilton, Toronto
四月廿五至廿八日, 多倫多希爾頓

FITC Toronto is one of the longest running and largest events of its kind in the world. With some of the most unique and engaging presenters from around the world, FITC Toronto is an information blitz of presentations, demonstrations, and panel discussions, sandwiched between their legendary FITC parties and abundant networking opportunities.

在同類型的活動中, 多倫多FITC是其中歷史最久和最大型的一個◦ 不單為大家帶來來自世界各地的重量級講者, 更可於FITC各樣的演講, 示範, 討論中同時享受FITC派對和人際網絡的機會!

This year’s theme is all about thinking outside the box, or more specifically, outside the lines. Ever since experiments with crayons as a child, we have all been programmed and taught to color inside the lines. What happens when we break free from the standard, the recommended, the known way of doing things?

本年度的主題: 超越界限的想像◦ 從小時候嘗試手執顏色筆開始, 我們都似是被教導成只會把顏色填進線內◦ 何不嘗試打破那人人知曉的傳統, 把真正的自己表達出來呢?

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