Tuesday, January 6, 2009

IdN Onair

IdN Magazine becoming even more interactive! Starting from v15n6: The Retail Desire issue, We are proud to present an online extension of the magazine’s popular DVD: IdN Onair.

Not only IdN Onair will bring to you more brilliant shorts films, TV commercials, music videos; but be expected to find video hightlights correlating to the latest IdN print issue....

我們將會進一步互動化﹗由今期 v15n6 開始,《IdN》興奮地向大家介紹 DVD 的精彩影像,將伸延到網上大放異彩。現在只需要到我們的網站,http://idnworld.com/onair/ 便可以觀看一眾優秀的短片、廣告、音樂錄像...... 更多更多。

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