Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cut&Paste 2009 - HKG

Cut&Paste Hong Kong stop is on this Friday, May 15th, at the Hong Kong Exhibition Center. This is also the place where you'll get the first chance to see and pick up a copy of IdN Extra #1: Cut&Paste – From Sketch to Production!

Other Asia Pacific tour cities: Shanghai (23rd May), Tokyo (30th May) & Sydney (6th June)

**IdN is publishing a series of special editions (entitled IdN Extra) that explor in-depth a particular them or project. Wider and more extensive subjects or issues which the magazine have insufficient pages to cover.

Cut&Paste亞太區巡迴賽即將展開, 香港之比賽將於五月十五日舉行, IdN Extra #1 “Cut&Paste”更會於香港站首次率先亮相!

**IdN將會出版一系列特刊 (名為IdN Extra) 去專門深入探討個別主題或企劃, 更多豐富內容及精彩主題史無前例帶到讀者眼前。

亞太區巡迴賽之城市包括: 上海(五月廿三日), 東京(五月三十日) 及悉尼 (六月六日)

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