Friday, May 22, 2009

Production Paradise

Production Paradise is a comprehensive online resource for the film, photo and creative production industries, linking professional talent and service providers with producers and visual media buyers from around the world. The company’s online magazines, Showcase and Spotlight, reach over 60,000 subscribers and present the latest developments from the industry and leading production cities like London, New York, Chicago, Paris and Beijing.

Production Paradise提供全面的網上有關電影, 相片和創意製作工業的資源, 把專業人士和視覺媒體的買家聯繫在一起◦ 其網上雜誌 Showcase和Spotlight共有多於60,000之訂閱, 刊載了最頂尖的創意工業之城市的動向, 包括倫敦, 紐約, 芝加哥, 巴黎和北京◦

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