Saturday, August 22, 2009

EXD’09 Lisboa

09 Sep - 08 Nov 2009, Lisboa

Visit Lisbon in September for the ExperimentaDesign international biennale dedicated to design, architecture and creativity. This year EXD celebrates its 10th Anniversary with an impressive programme of exhibitions, open talks, conferences and specially commissioned projects taking place at landmark and privileged locations across Lisbon. EXD’09 Lisboa proposes the theme “It’s about time” – an in-depth exploration on time as a resource and a challenge in design and production.

ExperimentaDesign國際設計年展將於9月份於Lisbon舉行, 正值今年度EXD十週年致慶, 會於Lisbon最佳的地段準備一連串的活動, 包括展覽, 座談會, 會議和多個大型的專題企劃◦

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