Friday, June 19, 2009

Movie X Music: The Passion of Joan of Arc and Man with a Movie Camera

In the Nursery (aka ITN), the renowned British independent group from Sheffield, UK, is going to hold their Asian Premiere at Hong Kong Arts Centre this August. Silent classics The Passion for Joan of Arc and Man with a Movie Camera will be accompanied by live performances of ITN scores. ITN will also share their music in master class with DJ Wong Chi-chung being the moderator. Through images and music, ITN will talk about their career and creative process.

香港藝術中心8月邀得來自英國雪菲爾(Sheffield)獨立音樂界的中流砥柱 “In the Nursery (ITN)“作亞洲首演,為兩部經典電影:《聖女貞德》及《持攝影機的人》作現場配樂演繹,即場為觀眾展現其澎湃震撼心弦的獨特音樂風格,以新古典/Martial Electronica路線,糅合軍鼓、電子音樂及配器,打造出時而急激澎湃,時而典雅空靈的音樂世界,並跨越音樂與電影的界限。

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