Friday, July 10, 2009

AUT University -- Art & Design Postgraduate conference 2009

11-13 August, AUT Conference Centre, WA Building Level 2, Wellesley Campus

The Art & Design Postgraduate Conference brings together visual artists, spatial designers, fashion designers, filmmakers, curators, graphic designers, digital designers, product designers, interdisciplinary artists and designers, along with other New Zealand and international cultural practitioners in order to discuss, extend awareness, and expand ideas around research and practice. It is an annual event open to the public where Postgraduate students at Honour s, Masters and Doctoral level deliver presentations based on their current art & design research projects.

The Art & Design Postgraduate Conference 雲集視覺藝術家, 時裝設計師, 電影製作人, 平面設計師, 數碼設計師, 產品設計師, 多元化藝術家和設計師, 一起與其他紐西蘭和世界各地的人士去討論, 擴闊大家於研究和實踐上的關注和視野。一年一度的活動展示了學士, 碩士和博士的美術與設計的作品和研究, 對外開放予公眾參與。

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