Monday, August 10, 2009

TMDG 2009, Argentina

Once again the design freak called TMDG appears on earth, one faraway city @ Argentina's coast called Mar del Plata; turns into the host for one of the most big design events in our planet, TMDG, with more than 6000 attendees for each lecture. Audiovisual parties, installations, conferences, screenings and exhibitions take place in just one wicked weekend. 2.3.4 of October.

TMDG今年將再次於阿根廷的馬德普拉塔(Mar Del Plata)舉行, 一個世界性的大型設計活動, TMDG吸引超過6000名入場人士參與各個演講, 還有論壇, 首映, 展覽和派對。 日期: 十月二至四日

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