Friday, September 4, 2009

City Mag

The City of Luxembourg has launched a brand new version of its official monthly magazine. A different format and fresh approach to editorial content will not only enhance the city’s brand image, but also improve the way the municipal government communicates with a wide target audience.

CITY MAGAZINE LUXEMBOURG is a bi-lingual publication in two distinct 32-page sections, the City Magazine and the City Agenda. The City Magazine section includes news and official information from the city, as well as a series of regular features offering advice and opinion. The City Agenda highlights the month’s best cultural events and incorporates day-by-day listings.

The City of Luxembourg剛出版了全新的官方月刊。不同的形式和嶄新的內容,不單只提升了城市的形象,亦能加強市政府與更大的目標讀者溝通。

CITY MAGAZINE LUXEMBOURG是一本雙語月刊,包含兩個32頁的專輯,the City Magazine 和the City Agenda。The City Magazine包括市內新聞和官方消息,以及多個專欄提供指導和意見。The City Agenda在詳盡的節目列表中,精選出該月無點的文化活動。

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