Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Minivegas Interactive

The Green Dot Films and Nexus represented duo

Minivegas collaborated with onedotzero industries and the illustrious Company on creating audio responsive visual for the Red Bull Music Academy 3D soundclash between artists from Warp and Ninja Tune. Acts including Clark, Plaid, The Bug and DJ Food play 30-minute sets using 3D AudioScape, an immersive sound system created by veteran British pop musicians Martin Ware and Vince Clarke's Illustrious Company. The system consists of 16 speakers set up in a circle - eight on top and eight on the bottom - that can distort and move high and low frequencies around the space using a joystick.

The color and geometry of the graphics can be adjusted during the performance by MIDI sliders on a mixer. The Green dot films and nexus represented duo worked with designers Quayola and Thomas Taum to create abstract visuals that will be projected on a rounded screen that was rendered to look like windows.

Agency: onedotzero
Production: Nexus Productions
Directors: Minivegas
Designers: Quayola, Thomas Traum
Programmers: Minivegas, Field

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