Friday, July 2, 2010


Compelling, dark and sexy. Those are the words that can best describe the artworks of Foon. Through a series of bunny-eared and red-nosed human characters, Foon explores the many facets of human characteristic. He presents the humanity of his subject matters by accentuating their fragility and vulnerability.

About Love and Loved: Loves unleash our feelings; lead us to explore the different dimensions of ourselves. While we were in love, our actions are mostly the creation of emotions, which sometime cannot be explained perfectly or rationally. But if we are truthfully honest about how we feel, chances are it might evolve us eventually. The artworks at Love and Loved exhibition will show you the glimpse of those moments of action.

Location: The Sub-Station. 45 Armenian Street, Singapore 179936
Reception: 23 July 2010, Friday / 7pm onward
Exhibition runs from: 23 until 28 July 2010