Wednesday, May 26, 2010

HKBU Graduation Show -- Art to TASTE

Digital Graphic Communication (DGC) is one of the options under the Department of Communication Studies, School of Communication in Hong Kong Baptist University. 22 DGC graduates are going to hold their graduation show - Art to TASTE. Stirring in passion of life, filling in sincerity and sprinkling with heart. Their creations are like colorful candies, not only can they bring delights to your eyes,with the impressive taste of originality, different forms and tastes of works also refresh your every sense. So... Take a sip, or have a bite, serve yourselves to enjoy our feast!

Opening Ceremony 開幕典禮 : 5/6 (Sat) 5-7pm
Location: Y.C. Cheng Lecture Theatre (LT3), 5/F Science Tower,Ho Sin Hang Campus, Hong Kong Baptist University

Exhibition 展覽: 5/6 (Sat) 7-9pm, 6-13/6 (Sun-Sun) 10am-9pm
Location: FSC 501, 5/F Podium, Ho Sin Hang Campus,Hong Kong Baptist University

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