Thursday, August 26, 2010

WIKITOPIA - The First Tinyfest on Collaborative Future in Hong Kong

WIKITOPIA – a TinyFest on collaborative future presented by Videotage. The festival will be held between 11 to 19 September 2010, the first of its kind in Hong Kong’s history. Artists, ICT experts, media activists, thinkers, curators from Hong Kong and all over the world will gather and discuss the current hot issues of web 2.0. They will explore the controversial topics in free culture and examine how it relates to an expanding community in a shrinking world.

List of exciting events including:
Presentations by Prof. Wendy Hui Kyong Chun and Dr. Hector Rodriguez.

Audiovisual Mash Up Party
Feature a crowdsourcing play list realized by local sound artist group iii and an audiovisual mash up by the Internet sensation, Pogo, an Australian electronic music artist and DJ.

Open Jam
An unique opportunity to observe, share and jam music with a group of passionate musicians from Hong Kong.

More about WIKITOPIA: