Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Felice Varini

IdN v15n5: The Geometric Issue p62-63

IdN v15n5: The Geometric Issue p64-65

If only one word was allowed to describe the work of Swiss artist Felice Varini, you would probably opt for “perspective”.

如果只允許用一個詞來形容瑞士藝術工作者 Felice Varini 的話,您很可能選「觀點與角度」這個詞。

“I am not fascinated by geometry per se, it’s the simplicity of the forms — circles, triangles, squares, lines — that I retain as being the most efficient in the space."

“我對幾何本身並不著迷,令我著迷的是圖形的簡約性質 – 圓圈、三角、方塊、線條 – 這些我認識是空間中最有效,並堅持採用的圖形。"

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