Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Melvin Galapon

IdN v15n5: The Geometric Issue p58-59

Born in the South of England in 1981, Galapon was faced with a dilemma before he committed himself to geometric design. Architecture was his first pick when he entered college, but he hadn’t realised that physics was a course requirement.

Galapon 生於1981 年的英格蘭南部,在投身幾何設計之前,他曾經面對一個兩難的困境。當初他入讀大學的時候,首先選讀的專業是建築學,不過他當時不知道物理學是專業的必修課程。

“I think geometric work lends itself well to graphics, as they are the simplest of forms you can create and use to create complex forms.”


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