Tuesday, October 21, 2008

IdN v15n5: The Geometric Issue

Shaping up to geometric design
It is probably the most difficult design form to define since in many ways it underpins the entire discipline. But one thing it is not, in the hands of our 10 featured practitioners, is cold and calculating. They each explain how geometry shaped their design world – and why they feel so passionately about it. And their selected artwork helps to square the circle.

單憑諸多的方法鞏固既定的原則 , 促使它成為最難以定義的一種設計的形式。交到以下十位設計師手上 , 卻在多變中演變成一目了然和非憑計算可達的創意作品。 他們逐一解說幾何設計如何塑造出獨有的設計領域 , 以及何以對它們充滿熱情。就從他們的創作中一窺端倪吧!

Benoît Bodhuin / Siggi Eggertsson / Melvin Galapon / Steven Harrington / Maya Hayuk / Fanette Mellier / Niessen & de Vries / Felice Varini / Vaughan Ward / Yokoland

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