Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Siggi Eggertsson

IdN v15n5: The Geometric Issue p52-53

IdN v15n5: The Geometric Issue p54-55

At the age of only 24, Iceland’s Siggi Eggertsson has already produced a body of work that is truly impressive. It has been described as work that “relies on geometry and symmetry, fusing curvilinear shapes into pixilated, cleverly impressionistic jigsaw puzzles”.

僅在 24 歲的年紀,冰島的 Siggi Eggertsson 就已經創作了一大堆令人印象深刻的作品。他的作品被稱作「依託幾何和對稱,將曲線融入搞怪之中,機智運用印象主義的智力拼圖」。

"Grids and geometry are the glue that holds my work together. It keeps everything in order.”


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