Wednesday, December 17, 2008

2x4, Inc.

IdN v15n6: Retail Desire p20-21

IdN v15n6: Retail Desire p22-23

The collaborative group of creative directors, writers and designers known as 2x4 was founded in New York in 1994 by partners Michael Rock, Susan Sellers and Georgianna Stout. It undertakes cutting-edge projects in virtually all the major graphic media – print, web, motion graphics and environmental design.

1994 年,這個名為 2x4 的協作團體由 Michael Rock、Susan Sellers和 Georgianna Stout 這幾個拍檔在紐約創辦,該團體由創意總監、寫手和設計師組成。該團體實際上在做一系列以各種主要平面媒體為載體的尖端專案:印刷、網頁、動態圖像和環境設計。

”We want people to think, to enjoy, to explore, to make up their own minds, to take pleasure in visual experience and speculation."


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