Wednesday, December 17, 2008


IdN v15n6: Retail Desire p48-49

BVD (“BV” being the initials of their surnames and the “D” standing for design). They got off to a great start, with commissions from two of Sweden’s best-known retail companies, Ikea and H&M, and BVD has now grown into a company comprising 18 talented designers and continues to work on any touch-point in the interface between a brand and its audience.

BVD(「BV」是他們姓氏的首字母組合,而「D」代表 design 設計)一開始營運便接到來自兩家瑞典著名零售公司宜家(Ikea)和 H&M 的委託業務。現在,BVD 已經發展成為一家擁有 18 位才華橫溢的設計師的公司,並繼續在品牌及其受眾之間互動層面的接觸點上開展工作。

“Visual identity needs to communicate the soul of the brand and retail design is a physical expression of the brand.”


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