Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Kashiwa Sato

IdN v15n6: Retail Desire p26-27

IdN v15n6: Retail Desire p28-29

Kashiwo Sato set up his own creative studio, Samurai, in 2000. His work has received critical praise and accolades from individuals and organisations across an array of industries including design, advertising and art direction.

佐藤可士和於 2000 年創辦了自己的創意工作室“武士”(Samurai)。他的作品受到來自各種行業包括設計、廣告和藝術指導的個人和團體的高度讚譽。

"A clear, strong, branding concept makes a good retail design/visual identity. If the concept is not unique, a good visual identity is impossible."


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