Wednesday, December 17, 2008


IdN v15n6: Retail Desire p42-43

Four graphic designers from various design schools in Denmark and England and they also have a consultant dealing with business development, strategy and project management. On the side, they have a sister company called Relate ( dealing with identity and communication on digital platforms.

四個來自丹麥和英國的不同設計學校的平面設計師, 有一個諮詢顧問負責處理商業發展、戰略和專案管理方面的業務。此外,他們還有一個名為 Relate 的姊妹公司(,處理數碼平臺的形象和傳播業務。

“The name comes from Latin: re means communication and public means the masses – hence, communication with the masses.”

”這個名字來自拉丁文:re 意指溝通傳播,而 public 意指大眾——合起來就是與大眾進行溝通傳播。”

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