Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Grégoire Alexandre

IdN V16N1 the craft issue P.38-39

Normandy-born Grégoire Alexandre, now stationed in Paris. Cinema was his first interest, but he became more comfortable with photography since it gave him a greater sense of control and allowed him to take something out of reality without having to set it up first.

Grégoire Alexandre(出生於諾曼第,目前居住在巴黎),電影是他的第一個愛好,不過他在攝影方面感覺更加如魚得水,因為攝影可以給予他更大的掌控感,令他不必預先設置好再從現實中獲取靈感和資訊。

""Craft" integrates the possibilities and the limits of the medium, without using the computer to create impossible situations. I like my installations to be abstract but still possible."


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