Wednesday, February 25, 2009


IdN V16N1 the craft issue P.42-43

Eike Koenig always wanted to work in an office that embodied the ideals of the kindergarten, but after a few trial-and-error experiences with various companies that didn’t share his attitude to working, he realised that he would have to establish his own workplace.

Eike Koenig 總是想,是否能建立一個能體現幼稚園意念的辦公室呢。然而,幾年來不斷摸索的經驗使他發現了很多公司都不同意這個想法,也使他意識到只能自己創立自己的工作場所才能達成此理念。

“Hort is an Old German word for kindergarten. A place where children play, learn things about life and the meaning of living in a society and, in addition to that, a place where they are safe and people take care of them. Kids learn by playing. And they start playing when they feel safe.”

「Hort 是一個古德語單詞,意思是幼稚園。一個可以讓孩子們玩耍、學習生活常識、社會生活意義,也是一個為孩子們提供安全保證和日常照顧的地方。孩子們通過玩耍而學習。而恰恰也是因為感到安全,他們才會開始玩耍。」

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