Monday, February 23, 2009

Julien Vallée

IdN V16N1 the craft issue P.20-21

IdN V16N1 the craft issue P.22-23

Montréal-born graphic designer Julien Vallée’s works tends to be described as treading a “fine line” between design and illustration. His work generally contains some characteristic features — many of them the result of a combination of craft, collage and computer graphics.

平面設計師 Julien Vallée 出生于加拿大蒙特利爾,其作品被形容為在設計與插圖之間走著一條「細窄的鋼絲」。 Vallée 的作品大致包含一些比較有個性的特點 – 很多作品都是手工藝、拼貼製作和電腦圖像相結合的成果。

“I like to use manual art well endorsed by the various technological tools available in order to make the bridge between manual and virtual art. I think I fell in love with design when I realised that image and concept were a great combination to communicate a message.”


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