Monday, February 23, 2009


IdN V16N1 the craft issue P.24-25

IdN V16N1 the craft issue P.26-27

Gilsenan graduated with a BA (hons) in fine art, after spending a couple of years working in record shops and DJing, he first designed flyers for club nights he promoted and record sleeves for the band he played with. After gaining experience in this way, he landed his first proper job at an agency – and met Bruce Allaway, now his partner at Iwant.

Gilsenan 以藝術文學士的學位畢業,經過在唱片店和從事 DJ 工作十數年之後,他為自己推廣的俱樂部晚間活動設計宣傳單張,又為他參與演奏的樂隊設計唱片封套。通過這種方式獲得一定的經驗之後,他在一家代理公司獲得了第一份合適的設計工作–後來遇到 Bruce Allaway–現時他在 Iwant 的拍檔。

“I think of graphic design in some ways as an extravagance or a luxury. Other forms of design are a necessity or perform a function; we took away the space so that it was more like I WANT!"

「我認為從某些角度來看,平面設計是一種奢侈品、豪華品。其他設計的形式是一種必要,或者要展現某種功能的。我們拿走了這樣的空間,令出來的作品更類似是我想要(I WANT)的東西!」

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