Friday, February 27, 2009

SXSW Interactive Festival

March 13-17, 2009
The SXSW Interactive Festival features five days of exciting panel content and amazing parties. Attracting digital creatives as well as visionary technology entrepreneurs, the event celebrates the best minds and the brightest personalities of emerging technology. Whether you are a hard-core geek, a dedicated content creator, a new media entrepreneur, or just someone who likes being around an extremely creative community, SXSW Interactive is for you.

SXSW 互動論壇一連五天的小組會議和派對活動, 吸引所有和科技產業有關的專業或非專業人士以及企業家。 會議的焦點都在討論網路的重要趨勢、分享不同的創意。不論你是電腦玩家, 創作者, 企業家, 或是喜歡在一個創意群中穿梭, 請不要錯過SXSW 的互動論壇。

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