Monday, March 2, 2009

IdN v16n1: The Craft Issue

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Craft designers say they love being "hands-on", that the feel of real material between their fingers and the inevitable imperfections of the process make it more exciting than purely digital work. They also say that it has its drawbacks — mistakes cannot be rectified with a click of the keyboard and it tends to be time-consuming! Read what they have to say about their art — and view the result.

手藝設計在當代表現形式中, 大多出現在建築物或其他手作工藝。此等精於手工的設計師齊聲表示最愛親力親為, 並覺得從指縫間感受物件的觸感, 以及過程中做成的無可避免的缺憾美, 都把作品變得比純數碼創作更討喜。然而, 它的缺點是稍一不慎就恨錯難返, 而且花費不少時間。可是當中提倡的熱烈感受, 若明若暗地滲透於超越三維的領域。看看他們對美術的見解, 和那些精彩作品。

Keeping their hand in / 停不了手的創意:
Gregoire Alexandre / Kate Gibb / HORT / IWant / Jean Jullien / NAM / Ciara Phelan / Pixelgarten / Julien Vallee

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