Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wolda - The World Wide Logo Design Annual

Wolda is the high-profile graphic design award scheme that rewards the best logos and trademarks designed throughout the world.

Wolda '09 is now open for entries! Designers, agencies, studios and students from all over the world are invited to enter with logos designed, printed, published or visible online between January 1, 2008 and December 31, 2009.

Entry fee includes a copy of the ’09 printed annual, delivery costs inclusive, for each participant; a hard-bound volume of exceptional quality printed by FONTEGRAFICA on SAPPI acclaimed papers.

Winners will be selected by our innovative three-tier jury consisting of 10 top designers, 10 top marketing managers and finally 10 people judges, nominated respectively by ICOGRADA, AQUENT and CONSUMERS INTERNATIONAL. This judging mechanism reflects the actual process that turns any logo idea into a successful logo:
- the designers decide what to present to the clients
- the clients decide what to present to the public
- but in the end it is always the public that decides if a brand is successful.

Wolda ’09 has been made possible also thanks to its 17 prestigious media partners and over 100 design associations and schools that greatly support and publicize Wolda around the world.

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