Friday, August 14, 2009

A Nice Set | Shanghai

Shanghai is the next stop for A Nice Set, a traveling exhibition of customized slipmats designed by leading artists from around the world. Presented by NeochaEDGE and Jellymon, A Nice Set | Shanghai will feature slipmat designs from international artists as well as the first showing of original slipmat designs from emerging Chinese artists. Further integrating the music + art theme, Aerial7 headphones will be customized by Chinese artists and put on display at the exhibition.

下一站:上海! A Nice Set,匯集全球設計師的唱盤墊設計巡展將移師中國。“A Nice Set | 上海”,由新茶網旗下創意機構“鋒潮”和Jellymon聯合主辦,活動除了展示國際設計師的作品外,中國本土優秀設計師品也將參加。伴隨贊助商Aerial7 耳機的介入,置身現場,你將切身體驗“音樂+藝術”的活動主旨。

Exhibition Opening Party / 展覽開幕:
Sept 12, 2009, 19:30

Exhibition Dates / 展覽時間:
Sept 12 - 28 Sept 28, 2009

SOURCE, 158 Xinle Road, Near Donghu Road

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