Sunday, November 8, 2009

2009 Shooting Award


2009年秀聽賞廣告創意制作大賽作品推薦會日前結束了廣州站和北京站的 巡展,超過50家4A以及優秀的后期制作公司均參與其中。秀聽賞的作品征集將於11月15日截止,網絡初評的名單將於12月初公布,讓我們共同期待提名榜的誕生。

The 2009 Shooting Award presentation in Guangzhou and Beijing have came to an end. With more than 50 4A companies and excellent advertising companies joined.

The deadline of call for entry of works for Shooting Award will be on 15th November, let's look forward to the birth of the nominations in early December.

For more information /相關連結: www.­shootingaward.­com