Monday, November 9, 2009

CreateHK Logo Design Competition: Call for Entry 15/10/2009 – 20/11/2009

Creative industries are important economic drivers of Hong Kong. They help increase the innovation capacity of the economy and provide a powerhouse for future economic growth. To spearhead the development of the local creative industries, Create Hong Kong (CreateHK) was set up under the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau on 1 June 2009. To tie in with its establishment, CreateHK is organising the CreateHK Logo Design Competition with support from organisations including the Hong Kong Productivity Council and the Hong Kong Designers Association.

Open Group: This award honours the creativity of logo design contributed by the professional practitioners in the design industry and the general public.

Student Group: This award is granted in recognition of excellent logo design contributed by students from professional design schools/institutions, primary/secondary schools or tertiary education institutions.

關於標誌設計比賽 創意產業是香港重要的經濟支柱,有助提升工商業創新能力,成為未來經濟增長的泉源。為支援本地創意產業發展,商務及經濟發展局轄下的「創意香港」辦公室(「創意香港」)於二零零九年六月一日正式成立。為配合其成立,「創意香港」在香港生產力促進局及香港設計師協會等機構的支持下,舉辦「創意香港」的標誌設計比賽。

公開組: 表揚專業設計師及公眾人士的標誌設計。
學生組: 表揚專業設計院校、中小學或大專院校學生的標誌設計。

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